In any other of the 49 states, a football fan might express his admiration for the game with a bumper sticker, a custom jersey or—at the very most—a festively painted beer belly. But in Florida, the home of nude beach blow job jet ski fights, nothing less than a psycho full head tattoo will do, like the one seen here on St. Petersburg's Victor Thompson.

Thompson, who's previously spoken with Deadspin about his permanent Tom Brady tribute, was arrested last month for alleged possession of Spice, the synthetic marijuana favored by teenagers and hungry dog murderers. In an arrest report obtained by The Smoking Gun, police made note of this most distinguished of distinguishing features, describing it as "Tattoo Head-Patriots Football Helmet."

It took four different booking photos to fully document Thompson's impressively accurate tattoo. The Smoking Gun notes it even includes "the small green dot indicating that a helmet is equipped with an electronic device allowing its wearer to receive plays from the sideline."

Of course, as Thompson's choice of headgear suggests, the New Hampshire native isn't originally from Florida, but (as is the case with many of the state's crazy-eyed colonists) was drawn there like a bat-shit moth to a bonkers flame.

[Image via Pinellas County Sheriffs Dept.]