NASA has confirmed that, after a successful liftoff, the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket exploded in midair this morning. Pieces of the rocket could be seen falling into the Atlantic ocean, the Guardian reports.

NASA spokesman George Diller told NBC News that the last readings from the rocket came two minutes and 19 seconds after launch.

According to the Guardian, SpaceX said that the anomaly occurred when the rocket went supersonic.

Falcon 9’s primary objective was to delivery a robotic cargo capsule called Dragon—the payload of which included food and oxygen—to the space station.

There is no immediate threat to life for the astronauts on the space station, the Verge reports. This was the first time a Falcon 9 rocket has failed, after 18 successful launches. It is also, however, the third failed resupply mission to the ISS in the last year.

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