While South Park was busy crapping all over addictive "free-to-play" mobile games designed to entice you into spending dumptrucks full of money for the full experience, they also managed to hit the alcohol industry with some of the splashback. This poop metaphor is breaking down fast, so here's what actually happened:

Canadian fart jokes Terrance and Philip signed off on a freemium game that helped fund the development of Canada into a civilization on par with Michigan, but then became worried that kids were getting addicted. So the developers agreed to do the same thing that's worked so well for the booze business: Run an ad asking people to use their super-fun and profitable product responsibly.

And that's where this rare South Park use of a live-action sequence comes in. It's basically a montage of the words "vodka" and "pussy," but it makes its point.

[h/t Reddit]