Everything was going great for South Korea's new president Park Guen-hye during her first trip to the U.S. Then her spokesman allegedly groped an intern while he was drunk in D.C. earlier this week, and skipped town.

South Korean president Park Guen-hye fired her spokesman, right-wing columnist Yoon Chang-jung, after the incident, which involved a 21-year-old intern at Washington D.C.'s South Korean Embassy. Yoon was accompanying Park on her visit to the U.S. to meet with Obama.

According to a Metropolitan Police report, the 56-year-old Yoon was drinking with the intern this Tuesday evening when he allegedly "grabbed her buttocks without her permission." ABC has more details about the incident:

On the evening of the summit, Yoon apparently drank alcohol with the intern at another hotel lobby close to where he and the President Park's team were staying, according to Yonhap. South Korean media New Daily reports that Yoon actually drank with the intern and his driver, and then went for another drink at his hotel room, this time inviting only the intern. He was allegedly wearing "underwear" when she showed up.

Yoon then booked it out of D.C. so quickly that South Korean media reported he left his belongings in his hotel room.

The alleged sexual assault is still being investigated as a misdemeanor, but Yoon's quick escape means there will be no Dominique Strauss-Kahn-type spectacle in the U.S. But in South Korea, the scandal is dominating the news. Park's office said Yoon was fired for a "disgraceful incident." Yoon hasn't been seen since.