Sixteen people fell 65 feet to their deaths at an outdoor pop concert in Seongnam, South Korea today after the ventilation grate they were standing on collapsed. According to the Associated Press, 11 more people are seriously injured. Concertgoers were watching 4minute, a K-pop girl group, when the grate collapsed.

The victims haven't yet been identified, but the 700-person crowd was primarily made up of young women. The AP notes that the 4minute girls continued to dance for a while "in front of a crowd that appeared to be unaware of the accident." One eyewitness told YTN TV, "There was a sudden, loud screaming, and when I turned it looked as if people were being sucked down into a hole."

A fire official told South Korea's Yonhap news agency, "Twelve people were killed at the scene, two others were killed while they were being rushed to the hospital. Others are assumed to have passed away while receiving medical treatment." Officials believe 20-30 people were standing on the grate.

4minute fans on Twitter are shocked by the accident:

South Korea is still dealing with the aftermath of a ferry disaster that left 300 dead in April.

[Photos via AP, YouTube]