The Confederate flag was officially removed from a South Carolina Statehouse flagpole “with dignity and respect” Friday, in what governor Nicki Haley is calling “a new day” for South Carolina.

The South Carolina legislature voted this week to remove the flag, which reportedly flew on the state house flagpole since it was relocated from the building’s dome in 2000. (It was temporarily removed by a brave North Carolina woman last week; she was later arrested and the flag restored.)

Haley signed the bill into law Thursday afternoon.

An 7-man honor guard led the six-minute ceremony, which kicked off just after 10 am in front of a large crowd that reportedly included Charleston’s mayor. Chanting “USA,” and “God Bless America,” the crowd applauded and cheered as the flag was ceremoniously folded and tied with a white string.

The flag will be relocated to a relic room, where citizens and racists alike can visit with it at their leisure.

[There was a video here]

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