Earlier today, we brought you the news that Ben Affleck allegedly tricked his wife into watching their kids so he could have sex with the woman they were paying to watch their kids. Now we have an update: Yeah that sort of happened, but it was a work thing!!!! say sources who are definitely not publicists employed by Ben Affleck.

To wit, he had his wife watch the kids and took the nanny with him because he needed the nanny’s help with a poker tournament (for charity):

“Christine flew with Ben from the Bahamas to Vegas because she was helping him with his poker tournament for his charity,” the Eastern Congo Initiative, a pal told The Post on Tuesday — the same day the paper published an exclusive June 27 snap of a beaming Christine wearing Brady’s four Super Bowl rings aboard the private jet.

This, despite the presence of “other assistants and staff” who were seemingly unable to provide whatever help the nanny was providing:

“There were many other people on the plane, including other assistants and staff working for Ben who were helping with the event, and many of these also tried on Tom’s Super Bowl rings and took photos,” the source said. “Ben and Tom Brady are good friends, and he is grateful that Tom agreed to attend his charity event.”

Plus she wasn’t hiding because—obviously—it was all above-board:

“When they landed in Vegas, Christine helped out with the organization of the tournament, assisting clients and guests who attended. She was not hiding, she was there to help out,” at the tournament, the friend said. “After the tournament ended Ben returned to the Bahamas to the family. Christine went home to LA.”

There you have it—a totally normal correction that was definitely not vetted by a PR team from a real friend of Ben Affleck’s, who was there, on the plane, and just wants to set the record straight.

“There was no affair during his marriage to Jen nor since their separation,” the source, who again, most likely does not collect a paycheck from Ben Affleck, tells Page Six. And there you have it!

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