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Speaking under the condition of anonymity, sources familiar with the Donald Trump campaign revealed to Gawker their many frustrations with the campaign’s current path. One source even went so far as to venture, “He’s probably going to lose.”

Over the past several days, we’ve seen countless reports of turmoil in the Trump campaign, credited to inside sources within the GOP and the campaign itself, as well as top donors and supporters. Speaking to Gawker last night, knowledgable individuals cited both Trump’s continued insistence on wall-building and his poor treatment of protestors as two of the major aggravators that led to the GOP’s current disarray. Still, when asked to name the single biggest problem facing the campaign, our source pointed to the public’s perception of Trump as “being bad.”

Even while being interviewed for this piece, our sources began to argue over whether Trump’s problems are due more to poor decision making or to the fact that he works primarily out of his own self-interest. Tensions were undeniably running high.

Now, Trump’s most ardent supporters are turning on him. One supporter, when asked how he thought the campaign was doing, insisted it was ‘good,’ but conceded that Trump’s unpredictable behavior has created the impression that he may be a ‘dumb-dumb.’

You can listen to the full audio of Gawker’s exclusive interview below. Names of the speakers have been redacted to protect their identities.

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