The Trump-Kushner clan. Photo: AP

Jon Kushner, cousin to Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law, is considering a run for New York City mayor, a person familiar with the young businessman’s thinking told Gawker. “He’s always had political ambitions, but he’s not an asshole,” the person said. “They’re the good Kushners.”

Earlier this week, over dinner at 2nd Avenue Deli, Kushner, 38, and a group of college friends discussed his mayoral prospects. “He wants to be mayor. It’s his dream. It’s a fantasy of his. His only reservation is that he’s still too young,” the person said. “We were talking about it, and egging him on, and he admitted that his people, his attorneys, were advising him, were pushing him—they think it’s a perfect storm for next year’s election.”

Dissatisfaction with Bill de Blasio has prompted speculation about the Democratic mayor facing primary challenges from people like City Comptroller Scott Stringer or Congressman Hakeem Jeffries. Earlier this summer, Donald Trump Jr. said that he might consider running for mayor, which Anthony Weiner took as a challenge (for whatever reason).

“People don’t like Donald Trump Junior, and people don’t like Weiner,” the source said. “Plenty of people like de Blasio, but if all these clowns get in the race, that hurts him.” Kushner is the president of the Kushner Real Estate Group—which is not to be confused with the other side of the family’s business, Kushner Companies. Neither he nor representatives for KRE Group have responded to multiple requests for comment from Gawker.

Kushner, who is “liberal on a lot of issues,” would run as an independent, the source said. Meanwhile, Trump Jr. would run as a Republican. Also: In August 2004, Jared Kushner’s father Charles pleaded guilty to 18 felony counts of tax fraud, election violations, and witness tampering after being accused of blackmailing his brother-in-law, who was a witness in a federal investigation by setting him up with a sex worker and filming the liaison.

Asked whether Jon was looking to thumb his nose at the other side of the family, the source demurred: “Jon says that he and Jared are on good terms. He’s not the kind of guy who would ever say anything negative about his uncle or Jared.”