The Barclays interns who received an absurd email about their upcoming summer at the investment bank may still have to provide their neckties for use as napkins, but it won’t come at the behest of the email’s sender, Justin Kwan, who, according to a source, lost two jobs this week after his missive leaked to the Wall Street Journal.

Kwan, who was a second-year analyst in Barclays’ Global Power & Utilities group, was let go by the bank on Friday, our source says. It was not exactly an unexpected move by Barclays—the New York Daily News reported late Thursday night that the bank was very likely to fire the man who had brought it a bit of bad publicity. (Barclays, which previously refused to remark on Kwan’s employment, did not respond to a request for comment.) This comes at a time in which Wall Street is wrestling with how to allow its minions to experience even a sliver of life outside of banking while still making unseemly sums of money for their employers.

Kwan, though, according to our source, was set to leave Barclays at some point this summer anyway for a job at the prestigious asset management firm The Carlyle Group. But after the email fiasco, The Carlyle Group preemptively fired him, leaving him out two gigs. (Through a spokesperson, The Carlyle Group declined comment.) Because he was fired from Barclays, our source tells us, Kwan also will not get the bonus that he was scheduled to receive upon leaving the bank.

Wall Street chooses not to learn too many lessons, but here’s one to keep in mind: if you’re going to be an asshole banker, make sure you don’t formalize it an email so degrading that its recipients can’t help but share it with the unwashed masses.

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