Sony Pictures went offline Monday after a group calling themselves #GOP hacked into the company, leaving behind an ominous demand displayed on employees' computers in New York and L.A.

Images of the attack began circulating Monday just before 11 a.m. ET, when employees—reportedly across the country—were instructed to stop using their computers, corporate email accounts, and cell phone wifi access.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, it's not clear whether the hackers were targeting Sony or Sony Pictures, but early reports indicate only studio employees were affected. A Sony spokesperson said only that the company is currently "investigating an IT matter."

A Screen Gems employee who asked not to be named said he was asked to shut down his computer, but phone use remains acceptable. Still, staffers are staying put at the studio's offices both in Los Angeles and New York, and are simply keeping off their mainframes and emails.

#GOP also released a "large ZIP file containing two massive lists detailing the extent of the doxxing," full of passwords taken from Sony Pictures' finance department, reports.

[image via Shutterstock]