Nathan Robinson, 28, stands accused of murdering his 350-pound father, chopping the body into small pieces, placing those pieces into a set of stacked storage boxes, and using the assemblage as a TV stand. Authorities found the body only after a downstairs neighbor noticed "pink liquid" dripping through his ceiling, the BBC reports.

Robinson is currently on trial facing murder charges. He and his father, William Spiller (above), lived together in an apartment in Bournemouth, England, and according to the neighbor, the pair had been arguing about money before Spiller's death in 2013. When the neighbor confronted Robinson about the seeping liquid, he added, the accused killer was "very calm, just normal, very collected."

The son allegedly used a box cutter, saw, and hacksaw to chop up his father's large body—Spiller was 6'5"—and placed the head in a filing cabinet. After the alleged murder, Robinson took about $12,000 of his father's money and went on vacation, according to prosecutors.

Mr Lickley said that Mr Robinson took at least £7,750 of his father's cash and spent up to £300 "drinking, eating and socialising" with friends in Glasgow, while sending text messages purporting to come from his dead father.

The trip, ironically, included a stay in a vegan hotel.

[Photo via Dorset Police]