iOS 8's QuickText feature, in addition to being a not-particularly-good way to actually send a text, is a pretty good way to generate quasi-random gibberish. Jonathan Mann, a guy who has uploaded a new original song to YouTube every day since January 2009, used it to write a song.

The opening lyrics of "iOS Autocomplete Song" go like this: "The fact I can get it right away/With the best of the year and the best of the year/And the other hand is the only thing that/Would have to go back." You can pretty much guess where it goes from there, because it doesn't go anywhere.

Thhe joke gets old after a while—the song definitely doesn't need to be four minutes long—but it's fun to hear Mann try to wrestle Apple's algorithmically generated nonsense into the metric constraints of a pop tune. What would John Cage and William Burroughs think?

[h/t Interweb 3000]