A Craigslist ad is seeking someone to follow Toronto mayor and comedy goldmine Rob Ford around for an entire day while playing a tuba, and it looks like it may actually happen.

The plan was inspired by this Stewie gag from Family Guy:

The website behind the ad, Unethical Hacks, told HyperVocal that they got 7 serious responses and have narrowed the pool down to 2 candidates. They're leaving the ad up for now, in case either of their tuba-ists backs out.

Successful candidates must be willing to wear a GoPro camera and an UnethicalHacks T-shirt. Oh, and work an 8-hour day in close proximity to Rob Ford for $125.

Good luck and godspeed, underemployed tuba players of the greater Toronto area.

[H/T: HyperVocal, GIF via Trevor Coleman]