An anonymous Good Samaritan has been traveling around the US since at least September leaving thousands of dollars worth of tips wherever they go.

Calling themselves "TipsForJesus," the mysterious stranger or strangers have so far kept their true identity from being leaked as they drop tips ranging from $500 to $10,000 at seemingly random establishments.

But an Instagram account has been following the money trail, which has stretched from Tio's Mexican Cafe in Ann Arbor, through the Paris Club in Chicago, down to LA's the Hungry Cat.

Adding up all the tips posted so far, TipForJesus has handed out over $54,000 to servers across the country.

More clues from Eater:

It does seem to be possibly more than one person: the Instagram account uses the word "we" often, and before they recently switched to a TipsForJesus stamp for the receipts, the username was scrawled in more than one handwriting. TipsForJesus seems to be a college football fan, occasionally lining up with various football games (at Michigan and Notre Dame). A few also bear USC's slogan of "Fight On."

A person claiming to be a server at one of the restaurants visited by TipsForJesus confirmed that last part, saying, "These men were at Notre Dame to see the USC vs. Notre Dame game, they came from California in which one was a USC fan."

A screengrab on the account suggests TipsForJesus may have been responsible for that mysterious $5,000 tip at a bar in Ogden which was, at one point, attributed to Sir Richard Branson.

And, unlike other suspicious tips, it seems these are legit.

In fact, when one Notre Dame server noted that the $10,000 tip she got didn't go through, TipsForJesus replied with a vow to ensure the charge is approved and followed that up with a photo of the Amex statement to prove it.

[H/T: The Daily Dot, photos via Instagram]