AAAAAAAAAAAH! A crazy person appears to have broken into X-Men actress Famke Janssen's apartment on Saturday and left a creepy old old doll book on a shelf next to her bed OH MY GODDDDDDDD! Or maybe her apartment is haunted by a lonely doll that loves reading books about itself WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Or maybe her carpet has begun spontaneously vomiting up copies of obscure children's books EEEEEEEEEEEEEP!

The New York Post reports that Janssen, 47, contacted police after she returned home on Saturday evening and discovered a copy of photographer Dare Wright's 1957 children's book, The Lonely Doll, in her bedroom OH MY GODDDDDDDD. Famke Janssen does not own this book WHAAAAAAAAAT but told the cops she is the only person with access to her apartment YEEEEEEEEEEESH and had been out all day "running errands" BUSYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Authorities reportedly found no evidence of forced entry UMMMMMMM and nothing appears to have been stolen CREEEEEEEEEEEEPS.

For those of us who haven't recently discovered an unsolicited copy of The Lonely Doll propped menacingly in their bedroom: the book tells the story of a lonely doll named Edith who becomes significantly less lonely after meeting a couple of toy bears. At the climax of the story, the senior of the two bears (Mr. Bear), administers a stinging spanking to Edith's little doll bottom, as punishment for her having made a mess with make-up. After he spanks her, the bear promises Edith that, even though she is naughty, he will never leave her, which makes this book the perfect gift to give to someone you love (TO FREAK OUT).

Detectives are in the process of reviewing surveillance footage taken in the lobby of Janssen's building.

[Images via Houghton Mifflin/Getty]