On Tuesday evening, outside a caucus site in Nevada, several people dressed up as members of the Ku Klux Klan, for one reason or another, and bore signs expressing their support for Donald Trump.

We do not presently have a whole lot of context for these photographs, and itā€™s worth noting that all of them have been posted to Twitter by secondary sources: Senator Ford and radio producer Krystal Heath received their photographs from ā€œfriendsā€ and reporter Jon Humbert his from a tipster.

Also, they look like paper cones with eyeholes hacked out.

Whether these are Leftist dickheads doing performance art, or Cruz supporters trying to ratfuck Trump, or Trump supporters trying to ratfuck Cruz by pretending Cruz is ratfucking Trump, or actual, emboldened Klansmen, their appearance coincides the the release of new data, via the New York Times, that quantifies the extent of Trump supportersā€™ bigotry.

According to Public Policy Polling, for example, 70 percent of Trump voters in South Carolina would prefer the Confederate battle flag to have remained aloft on their statehouse grounds, and 38 percent wish the South had won the Civil War. Meanwhile, a national YouGov poll found that 20 percent of Trump voters disagreed with the executive order which freed slaves in states that were in rebellion against the federal governmentā€”that is, the Emancipation Proclamation.

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