Saturday Night Live has just fired one of its newest cast members, Brooks Wheelan, after a single season. If you're asking "Wait, who?" you're not alone: Wheelan didn't get a lot of screen time in his short run on SNL.

Brought on around the same time as the guy you're probably confusing him with, John Milhiser, Wheelan is perhaps best known as a recurring guest on Weekend Update, where he did PSAs about the dangers of alcohol and regrettable tattoos.

Wheelan is the first casualty of a fairly weak season with a huge cast—it just went from 17 to 16—whose most recognizable star is probably 11-year veteran Kenan Thompson. Expect more upheaval as Lorne Michaels continues to trim things down in hopes of establishing the next Samberg, Ferrell, or even Seth Meyers.

Update: Two more rookie cast members gone.

[H/T AV Club]