Every so often, a beautiful sort of kismet occurs on Saturday Night Live, when a public figure goes off the rails and an SNL comic is perfectly positioned to mock them mercilessly. It happened for Will Ferrell with George Bush and Tina Fey with Sarah Palin. Now it's Bobby Moynihan's turn — and the man was born to play Rob Ford.

But although Ford's antics — if allowed to continue — seem likely to escalate, SNL wisely made the choice to fit the Ford-crack-cocaine-pussy-eating extravaganza into another scandal — 60 Minute's Benghazi blunder.

After Moynihan as Ford completes a series of press conferences, telling the press to put on some Chapstick so they can kiss his "fat white ass", buying crack, dancing around high on crack ("I'm the best mayor of all of the mayors, I'm the best mayor in the world, your mayor's can suck my... I fell on my dick! I fell on my little dick! What are the odds? That is like falling on a needle in a haystack!") — he realizes he's lost all credibility.

So he seeks out a news show where, "People DO believe me, and would believe ANYTHING I say": 60 Minutes.

Lara Logan: Mayor Rob Ford. Patriot. Hero. Role model. Tonight, he'll tell a side of the story you have to hear to believe. So Mayor Ford, once and for all, what is the truth?

Rob Ford: I have never done crack

Lara Logan: I believe you.

Rob Ford: I've also never smoked pot?

Lara Logan: I believe you.

Rob Ford: And I've never had alcy-hol?

Lara Logan: Mayor Ford...? I believe you.

[There was a video here]

[images via NBC]