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Last October, the Wall Street Journal popped the reputation of Theranos, a much buzzed-about biotech startup that claimed to have revolutionized blood testing. As it turned out, their claims were not true—they simply hadn’t done what they’d claimed they’d done. Now, the mildly disgraced firm’s CEO is stumping for the Clinton campaign.

Elizabeth Holmes’ star has fallen, but Recode reports she’s teaming up with Chelsea Clinton at Theranos HQ on March 23rd:


Monday, March 21st

11:00 AM

Hosted by Elizabeth Holmes

Offices of Theranos

Palo Alto, CA

(Address available upon RSVP)

Participation Levels:

+ Co-host: $2,700 – contribute or raise $2,700 includes host reception with Chelsea Clinton

+ Friend: $1,000

+ Supporter: $500

+ Friend: $250

+ Student: $100

Theranos, through its exceptionally well-connected CEO and founder, has always cultivated political ties: Former secretaries of state George Shultz and Henry Kissinger sit on the company’s board, along with former defense secretary William Perry, former senators Sam Nunn and Bill Frist. Holmes also, perhaps not coincidentally, is running a highly (over) valued corporation that could face complete ruin because of government regulation—it sure could help in the years ahead to have a friend in a very high place.