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Just a few days ago, we gave you a glimpse into the grim, Sisyphean nightmare that is the Twitter account of noted Shrek band Smash Mouth. In the aftermath, though, we discovered that not only does Smash Mouth have fans—Smash Mouth has angry fans. And even Smash Mouth fans deserve a voice.

So in the spirit of fairness and good will, I present to you the many, many rebuttals I’ve received over the last 48 hours. For as a wise man once said, “So much to do/ So much to see/ So what’s wrong with Smash Mouth fans being mad online.”

Bradley writes:

Mr. Beverly writes:

Ken Kurson of the Observer writes:

Rodney, who was actually kind and helpful, writes:

A confused man named Bobby writes:

Wow..... Matt.... writes.....:

Colton, who is perhaps not quite a fan, writes:

Rude Chris writes:

A polite woman named Amy writes:

Annie tweets:

And last but not least, Guy Fieri writes: