Skeevy dating coach Julien Blanc was forced to end his speaking tour of Australia more than a month early after immigration canceled his visa in response to protests, the Guardian reports.

"We can confirm Julien Blanc left Australia overnight. His assistant is also due to leave shortly," Victoria Police tweeted Thursday evening.

Blanc had to cancel or relocate a number of his speaking engagements this week after widespread protests erupted against his sexually aggressive pickup methods, which include choking women and forcing their heads in the direction of his dick.

Most recently, Blanc's assistant, Maximilian, was forced off a boat by police and protesters while filling in for Blanc at an event. The talk, on "how to be a very assertive man," occurred on a cruise ship because multiple hotels had already pulled out of hosting events for Blanc's company, Real Social Dynamics.

"The matter was raised with us and we had it investigated and this fellow looked at," Australian immigration minister Scott Morrison told Sky News.

"This guy wasn't putting forward political ideas, he was putting forward abuse that was derogatory to women and that's just something, those are values abhorred in this country."

Blanc had originally scheduled pickup artist events in Australia through Dec. 20.

The #TakeDownJulienBlanc campaign, started by activist Jenn Li in response to Blanc's video on picking up girls in Japan, has launched a petition to keep Blanc out of that country as well.

[Photo: RSDJulien/Instagram]