This weekend, two planes full of skydivers collided at 12,000 feet, causing one plane to explode and the other to crash land. Amazingly, both pilots and all nine skydivers survived. Last night, NBC News released spectacular footage of the crash taken from the skydivers' helmet-cam videos.

The skydivers described the crash to NBC News. "It was unpleasant," said Daniel Chandler. "I had no time to react....The sound behind me, I'll never forget. And that's all I could do was try and stay forward and try not to move because I knew I was going to live where I was, or thought I could."

"As soon as I got knocked off I was back to earth," Lanaya Bonogofsky told NBC. "I just saw the big burst of flames and the wing go."

"I watched the plane blow up in flames and I knew the pilot was still in there," Barry Sinnex said. "Everybody else had parachutes on, so they were kind of on their own, so I chased the plane. I think Dan did too, he came down with me. We chased the airplane to see if the pilot got out. Once I saw the pilot bail out, I made sure he was going to open the parachute because he was a student."