Canadian industrial band Skinny Puppy has sent the U.S. Department of Defense an invoice for $666,000 (the fee structure of the beast) for using its songs as the aural equivalent of waterboarding at Guantanamo Bay, keyboardist cEvin Key told CTV.

A former Guantanamo guard allegedly contacted the band to let them know their songs were being used as torture tools against detainees, and Skinny Puppy have since gotten the advice of lawyers who believe they have a good case against the U.S. government.

"We sent them an invoice for our musical services considering they had gone ahead and used our music without our knowledge and used it as an actual weapon against somebody," said Key, of the band that released an album called Weapon last year.

As for the insinuation that Skinny Puppy's songs are tantamount to prison punishment, Key says he's "offended."

"I wouldn't want to be subjected to any overly loud music for six to 12 hours at a time without a break," he told CTV.

[h/t boingboing, photo via dave porn/youtube]