Amid reports of a vandalized hot tub cover and a stolen snowboard, one item on the sleepy police blotter for the ski resort town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, stood out for being the most exciting incident to occur within city limits in some time:

10:05 p.m. Police received a call from a woman who said her juvenile granddaughter was at the ski area last week and ran into a person who was selling bags of what she thought were portobello mushrooms dipped in chocolate for $30. Police said the granddaughter further informed her grandmother that giraffes were chasing her down the hill after she ate the mushrooms.

Incidentally, the second most exciting thing to have happened in Steamboat Springs occurred earlier that very same day:

10:17 a.m. A woman called police to inform them of an incident that had occurred in the first block Seventh Street around Easter. She told police that she was talking with a group of Russians at a bar and one of them told her, “You have to fight for what you believe in.” She was concerned they could have been speaking about the events in Boston this week. Police determined there was no connection.

[H/T: Nerdcore, image via Reddit]