In a video for Jenkem magazine, skateboarders Sean Colello and Rob Miceli took their talents to a host of abandoned locations ranging in decrepitude from "charming fixer-upper" to "American Horror Story opening credits." Somehow, they made it out alive.

The clip, set to an appropriately eerie Sonic Youth riff, is both awesome and terrifying; one highlight involves a ride through a decaying bowling alley, and other sections are so dark it's impossible to tell where they are. Here's how Colello describes the partially decommissioned psychiatric hospital in New York where he and Miceli did the bulk of the filming:

The campus is a pretty huge area made up of about 10 abandoned buildings and 4 buildings that are still functioning. Psych patients roam around the complex and so do cops. Most of the abandoned buildings are pretty boarded up so you can't get in, but the thing that's so sick is all the buildings are connected with underground tunnels, so if you can find a way into one, you can access them all. The nurses used these tunnels to deliver food and supplies to the patients all over the center. It's surprisingly untouched. You will still find office supplies, files, photos, machinery, and other artifacts.

Colello doesn't ever name the facility, but based on his description, it's probably the Pilgrim Psychiatric Center in Brentwood, which—if the collective writings of the internet's amateur ghostologists are to believed—is totally, indisputably haunted.