Sir Mix-A-Lot was given the opportunity to mix a lot of mediums last night in Seattle, where his 1992 hit single "Baby Got Back" was performed and remixed by the Seattle Symphony. The rapper and producer names Seattle as his hometown.

Mix-A-Lot begins with, "What I want to do now is something you really should not do." Hm. He goes on, however, with a defense of the blended genres: "Tonight is orchestral movements from the hood night."

The event where "Baby Got Back" was remixed is a part of the Seattle Symphony's Sonic Evolution, a project that builds a bridge "between the Symphony and Seattle's storied reputation as launching pad for some of the most creative musicians on the popular music scene." The composition was written by Gabriel Prokofiev.

For all the music composition nerds, Prokofiev has written in explicit detail what changes and amendments he made to the song, such as adding new instruments like a "scratcher" (made by scratching a credit card against a metal guiro) and a "jackdaw" (a friction drum that creates a frog like noise) to the mix.