Are you single? Searching for love? Do not look in America, whatever you do, unless you like watching Netflix while eating fast food and not getting laid.

That is a scientifically accurate projection of a typical date by an American "single," based upon some of the findings of a new survey of singles by From USA Today:

Singles spend an average of about $60 a month, or $720 a year per person, on dating-related activities to find a special someone...

20% of singles say having sex on a first date is either "somewhat appropriate" or "very appropriate" but 80% disagreed. Of that 80%, 54% said sex on a first date is "not at all appropriate."

So, if you're going on one date per week, you can look forward to enjoying a Chipotle burrito (no chips) and then ending the night with, in all likelihood, a disapproving glare.

The survey also finds that "Singles with Android phones achieve orgasm over 90% of the time." Whether or not you have an Android phone—as I do—that is certainly food for thought.

Gurl U no U want 2 play that Candy Crush n eat sex burritos.

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