During a TV performance Thursday in Oslo, TMZ reports, Justin Bieber—who is just having one of those weeks, you know?—walked off the stage after a fan spilled something. Bieber tried mopping it up at first before deciding he just couldn’t, ugh he just couldn’t.

He posted an apology to Instagram. “Sadly it’s Been a rough week for me, long days no sleep, while having to be ‘on’ as they would say for cameras fans etc.,” he wrote. (All quotes sic.)

“In no way did I mean to come acros·s mean, but chose to end the show as the people in the front row would not listen. Hopefully people will understand where I am coming from.”

“I don’t always handle things the right way but I’m human and I’m working on getting better at responding not reacting,” he wrote. “Unfortunately people were affected by this as am I. For the people in the back I am so sorry and for anyone I may have disappointed im sorry. Sorry for wasting the tv people’s time I’ll be sure to make it up to you next time on tour..”

“With love Justin.”

Bieber also walked off a radio show yesterday. Apparently the apology tour isn’t over after all?

At the studio in Oslo on Thursday, TMZ reports, the fans sang “Baby” to try to get him to come back. Presumably that meant a lot to him.

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