The hits keep on coming in the Silk Road takedown. The latest twist in the story of the fall of the biggest drug market on the Dark Net is that one of its best-known dealers was busted and turned informant months ago, according to The Smoking Gun.

TSG reports that Washington resident Steven Sadler, who went by the handle "Nod" on Silk Road and was known for his heroin and coke, was busted back in July 31st. At an October hearing, a federal prosecutor told the judge that he had "been cooperating, working for the government for the past two months.” Nod himself was caught with the help of another informant, a self-described "junkie" who told The Smoking Gun she'd helped the feds figure out how Bitcoins worked.

The news suggests the Reddit user who claimed to be a former Nod customer and posted on Reddit he'd just been arrested was legit. And it should spark a lot more worries for customers of the Silk Road, as if they needed any more.