When you're a stand-up comic, getting heckled during your set is just one of the hazards of doing business. But what if your verbal assailant is an on-duty officer of the law?

In the video above, comedian Adam Newman finishes telling a joke about two-in-one conditioner when cops with flashlights enter and appear to arrest an audience member. After riffing and posing for a picture with the cops in the background, Newman asks, "You guys couldn't have waited until after my set?" "Obviously not," one fires back. Another chimes in: "Obviously, shut the fuck up, alright?"

Newman isn't dissuaded, and the show goes on, and then the cop shouts something unintelligible involving the words "fucking" and "run your mouth." If you didn't want to see some dude running his mouth, you shouldn't have gone to a comedy show.

[h/t Digg]