Noted comedy misogynist/part-time cross-dresser Jerry Lewis reiterated his distaste for women comedians at a press conference at the Cannes Film Festival today. Here is the AP's recap:

Asked who his favorite female comics were Thursday at a Cannes Film Festival press conference, Jerry Lewis listed Cary Grant and Burt Reynolds. He then added: "I don't have any."

In 1998, Lewis famously said that watching women do comedy "sets me back a bit" and that he has trouble with the notion of would-be mothers as comedians.

Asked Thursday if he had changed his mind at all because of performers like Melissa McCarthy and Sarah Silverman, the 87-year-old Lewis said of women performing broad comedy: "I can't see women doing that. It bothers me."

"I cannot sit and watch a lady diminish her qualities to the lowest common denominator," he said. "I just can't do that."

Fuck this 87-year-old overused enema bag and his remedial ideas of what women should do and fuck the reporter who asked him to reiterate his idiocy. It's like asking a great white shark, "Do you still want to eat seals even after one wore sunglasses in the delightful 1994 family picture Andre?" Time is only going to set him deeper in his defective ways.

It's like someone said in the recent Showtime doc Why We Laugh: Funny Women, "Really? But falling on a banana peel's hilarious. It's so hilarious that when Dean Martin left you, you had to go to France, a place where they don't speak English. And that's your fan base? Non-English-speaking people is your fan base. That's who gave you a Medal of Honor." Actually, it's like this whole damn four-minute clip.

P.S. Cannes is in France.

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