King Nazir Muhammad, contributing writer and self-proclaimed "Lesbian Messiah," has today advocated his most radical program of gender equality yet: lesbianism for all women. Is the Messiah's program humanity's only hope?

Muhammad, the author of the self-published work Body of Jezebel, described by King Nazir Muhammad as "The Official Lesbian Bible," has admirable motivations, at least: "He says he feels women are in grave danger being with men, because of the sick perceptions that men have of the man/woman relationship." In this, he does not differ from many mainstream hashtag activists. But Muhammad's prescription to fix this social ill eschews halfway measures. In addition to advocating the total separation of genders "for a generation or two," he prescribes Total Lesbianism as a method of correcting our nation's rampant inequalities between genders.

And he feels lesbianism is the only way that this separation will take place while the men of this generation die out as the Israelite people had to die out when Moses took them out into the wilderness...

He says that men at this point will not change their ways of thinking voluntarily, so women must separate from them and let this current generation become extinct. Women can also begin teaching their male and female children a new way of relating to each other, that is contrary to the "Cave Man" thinking that men currently have.

Muhammad believes that women should begin to take advantage of Artificial Insemination and disregard all romantic contact with men.

We here at the editorial board share many of King Nazir Muhammad's concerns about unequal pay, sexual harassment, and domestic violence. Yet we must admit that we are hesitant to embrace his program wholeheartedly. Though Universal Mandatory Lesbianism would certainly go a long way towards remedying some sexual injustices, we find it hard to fully endorse it, given the gruesome consequences that this program would entail for heterosexuals (and heterosexual males in particular). How does King Nazir Muhammad manage to overcome these concerns himself?

Muhammad, being a heterosexual man, would not normally agree that homosexuality is the answer for men, but he says that conditions are not normal. He believes something is psychologically wrong with men, and they seem to have become fixated on making women suffer. And just as in a marriage when these types of problems arise, it is only logical that the two separate.

This is exactly what lesbianism would achieve, and that is why Muhammad believes lesbianism to be nature's way of solving this problem. As a father himself, he says that he would feel more safe with his daughter being with a woman rather than with a man, simply because of the possibility of a man's strength being used to hurt her physically.

Oh. So King Nazir Muhammad is already a father. He's probably not dating any more. He's probably not even worried about getting laid any more. Cool program man. "Hey, I got mine, now let's just let all the guys die and never have sex again." Real nice. Thanks for that. Thanks a lot. Plus you phrased it so if we don't support every woman becoming a lesbian, we do support domestic violence. Great. We're liberals, man. Do you see the position you're putting us in? I mean, Jesus. Great position you've put us in, King.

The editorial board does not make formal endorsements one way or the other.

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