A man suspected of injuring three children in an Indiana apartment shooting last week tells authorities he'll turn himself in eventually, but not before taking some time "to chill this weekend."

Cops have been searching for 24-year-old Domonique Stone, who is one of three men believed to be involved in the "high-powered assault rifle" shooting that landed five people in the hospital with serious injuries.

Stone—who cops say should be considered armed and dangerous—has reportedly been eluding authorities via his supremely chill lifestyle.

Metro police are still trying to track down a man wanted for a shooting that injured five people last weekend, including three children.

They say he refuses to surrender and should be considered armed and dangerous.

Domonique Stone, 24, is wanted on several warrants. Investigators said they received a tip Stone plans to turn himself in, but not until next week because he wants "to chill this weekend."

And who could blame him for wanting to unwind a little after a stressful weekend of shooting kids? The cops, for sure, but they're not chill. That's cool brah.

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