America's Got Talent may have cast the country's top shock jock, but Howard Stern looks like the host of Church Hour next to Holland's Got Talent judge Cornelis Willem Heuckeroth.

The local radio and TV personality, who goes by "Gordon," shocked many last week when he directed a series of unbelievably racist remarks toward a contestant of Chinese descent.

Xiao Wang, an intensely talented performer who stunned the audience with his rendition "La donna è mobile" from Verdi's Rigoletto, was knocked down at every stage by Gordon's bigoted barbs.

"Which [Verdi] number are you singing," Gordon asked when Xiao, "Number 39 with rice?"

Following the performance, Gordon mocked Xiao's accent by referring to his voice as a "surplise."

"Honestly, this is the best Chinese I've had in weeks," Gordon yucked. "And it's not a takeaway."

Even after Xiao left the stage, Gordon wasn't quite done, turning around to the audience and saying, in Dutch, "he looks like a waiter from a Chinese restaurant."

Finally, Gordon's American co-judge Dan Karaty informed him that he's "really not supposed to say things like that to people."

"What?" responded Gordon, who remained unclear on why being a flagrant racist is wrong.

Some have called on Simon Cowell, founder and owner of the international Got Talent franchise, to fire Gordon from the show.

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