Perhaps unsatisfied with ruining Yale students’ clothing by peeing and pooping in unattended dryers, an unidentified individual spent Thursday night hanging several articles of poop-smeared clothing on a clothesline near Berkeley College, another of Yale’s residential colleges. (The original poop-related incidents took place at Saybrook College.) They don’t sing “Bright College Years” for nothing!

“At 3:35 a.m., students received an anonymous email from the alleged ‘poopetrator’ alerting students to the bizarre display,” according to The Yale Daily News.

Maybe it’s art? It wouldn’t be unprecedented. In 2008, then-Yale-senior Aliza Shvarts drew massive attention to the university’s art program when she claimed to have used her own menstrual discharges in a sculpture she presented as her senior art project. Bodily fluids (and solids) have a very special place at Yale.

Another example of the tasteful installation, via the News:

Update: Gawker just received the anonymous email alerting Yale students to the display:

From: Copro Philiac <>
Date: Fri, Oct 4, 2013 at 3:35 AM
Subject: Airing some dirty laundry...

Last time, promise. :)

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[Image credit: Yale Daily News]