The Keystone Fire Department were called to the White Water Park in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, yesterday to help extract a man found peeping on women from inside a public restroom septic tank.

52-year-old Kenneth Webster Enlow of Tulsa was reportedly caught after a woman and her 7-year-old daughter spotted him peering up at them from inside the toilet.

"He went in there, climbed down in the septic and was looking up at the people utilizing that facility," Tulsa County Sheriff’s Maj. Shannon Clark said in a statement.

Firefighters had to hose down Enlow, who was "covered in human waste," before transporting him to a local hospital for evaluation.

According to the arrest report, Enlow told deputies his girlfriend struck his head with a tire iron, and then dumped him in the toilet while he was unconscious.

However, the evaluation did not reveal injuries consist with his alibi.

While booking Enlow on Peeping Tom charges, deputies learned that the suspect had a felony warrant stemming from a 1998 embezzlement case as well as two prior convictions for public intoxication.

He remained in jail as of Monday afternoon. An arraignment date has been set for July 15.

[screengrab via KJRH]