According to the Hernando County (Fla.) Sheriff's Office, 18-year-old Logan Brown (left, trying not to laugh) and 20-year-old Christopher Ramos smoked some weed last week and "decided to go on an adventure."

At around midnight on July 3, with Ramos in fatigues and a fishing hat and Brown in all black, they allegedly broke into a K-8 school in Spring Hill, Fla. Surveillance footage shows the two wandering through the halls and trying to open classroom doors.

And what luck! Police say the first open room the pair found contained stoner treasure beyond imagining: Froot Loops! They're being charged with burglary for allegedly stealing the cereal, which is allegedly a great thing to eat when you're high.

Although it wouldn't be fair to stereotype these suspected adventurers, I imagine the the prosecutor's case will consist of silently holding up their mugshots until the judge says, "You've made your point."

[Photo: Hernando County Sheriff]