Last weekend, Vice had a huge concert party to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Before the party, zillionaire Vice boss Shane Smith handed out ca$$$hh money.

Or maybe it was checks. In any case, this tweet about Shane Smith giving away "over a million dollars" to Vice employees is not total fiction. We hear that before the big party last weekend, Shane gave a speech to his employees, and then everyone got an envelope with around $1,500 in it. If you figure Vice has around 700 U.S. employees, that's just over a million bucks. Vice tells us these were not formal company bonuses, just "stocking stuffers."

Gawker Media employees have not received any such stocking stuffers so far this holiday season. Then again, Gawker Media did not receive $500 million in outside investment recently, either.

If you're a Vice employee who wants to put this good fortune in context, email me.

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