A 47-year-old man in Sussex invited prospective customers to check out the headlights on his rusted out 1990 VW hatchback and also his lifeless, khaki-clad model recently, when he borrowed ***A FRIEND'S*** high quality sex doll to advertise his car on eBay.

The Daily Mail reports that Angus Dean became "inundated" with requests from interested buyers after uploading his images, which featured the doll (whose name, like the silicone skin stretched taut over her "galvanized metal skeleton [and] variety of mechanical parts," is Sandy) posed in various positions in and around the car, always with the alluring bloom of fresh sexual arousal coloring the cheeks of her glassy-eyed face.

The owner of the doll, who asked that the Mail not print his name, is reportedly "a married father-of-three" who "uses the doll for professional purposes," which explains the size and prominence of her breasts. In an anonymous interview, the owner expressed his relief that, unlike living models, dolls do not need to be "picked up from the train station" (especially if they own their own 1990 VW hatchbacks in fair condition) and also are far less reluctant to pose for eBay advertisements.

The Doll Sweet website where Sandy and her sisters, nieces, aunts, and friends are sold describes its product as "a kind of human model whose height is extremely similar to the real person's" [emphases added].

The listing has since been pulled from eBay for reasons unclear.

[Images via eBay // h/t Daily Mail]