A recent Singapore Airlines flight carrying 328 passengers and 28 crew members from Singapore to London was halfway through breakfast service when the plane experienced some unexpected turbulence and the "fasten seat belt" sign was turned on.

A minute later, according to passenger Alan Cross, the captain ordered flight attendants back to their seats, noting that the tone of his voice "was a bit odd."

Cross quickly learned why: The plane suddenly encountered severe clear-air turbulence, causing it to lose at least a hundred feet of altitude in seconds.

Needless to say, breakfast was on the house.

Cross told ABC News that "everything that wasn’t tied down, including a few people, hit the ceiling," and the food was everywhere.

Once it became safe to roam around, flight attendants quickly cleaned up the mess, and treated a few minor injuries.

There were no additional incidents during the flight's remained 10 hours, and, upon arrival, passengers were given individual boxes of chocolate, which Cross felt was "a nice touch."

[H/T: Consumerist, photos via Alan Cross/Instagram]