Photo; AP

Bernie Sanders is still suing the Democratic National Committee over its decision to suspend his access to their voter database, as sure a sign as any that settlement talks aren’t going so well.

Sanders—who filed papers in December after the DNC suspended his access, claiming his campaign had improperly accessed Clinton campaign voter data—had until Thursday to serve the DNC with process or abandon the suit. He opted, according to The Politico, to serve the hell out of them.

Sanders, who accused the DNC of deliberately sandbagging him to aid the Clinton campaign, is officially seeking $75,000 in damages on claims of negligence and breach of conduct, though The Politico notes court filings indicate both parties “continue to engage in cooperative discussions in their efforts to resolve the pending litigation.”

Both parties also say, through their respective spokespersons, that they’re willing to settle out of court.

“We are continuing to cooperate with the DNC to resolve the matter and hope to do so in short order,” Sanders communications director Michael Briggs said in a statement.

The DNC sounded a similar note, with press secretary Mark Paustenbach writing in an email Thursday, “We continue to have productive discussions with the Sanders campaign and look forward to resolving this matter.”

Wonder what’s causing the impasse then!