Aaron Sorkin's distinctive style of dialogue has been parodied to death. You could even argue he's been parodying himself for years now. So what's Seth Meyers supposed to do with Sorkin as a guest, when Amy Schumer and SNL have already defined the Sorkin-spoof genre?

He had to go deeper.*

In one of the high points of Late Night's Meyers era so far, he just decided to do an awkwardly self-aware metacommentary on every Sorkinism that's been spoofed before, from the walk-and-talk to the barely disguised sexual tension among coworkers. It's perfect, because having to put together a last-minute Sorkin sketch is itself a parody of The West Wing and The Newsroom's high-stakes situations.

The best part? Late Night might have just mercifully euthanized an aging trope. What's left? A Sorkin parody parody parody? Nah. Sorkin jokes ran out of things to say shortly after Sorkin did.

For the record, though? Schumer still did it better.

[h/t Vulture]

*Obligatory Inception reference.