[There was a video here]

Seth MacFarlane, creator of "We Saw Your Boobs," hit a piano bar in Milwaukee Saturday night and inevitably ended up on stage, singing and drinking. (The traditional "no drinks on the piano" rule does not apply to Seth MacFarlane.)

According to Lucille's Piano Bar, McFarlane did a few "epic" songs, but the only one documented in video form is his rendition of "Luck Be a Lady." His other picks were "New York, New York," the theme from The Love Boat, and "an off-the-beaten-path Barry Manilow song."

[There was a video here]

The pianist in this video wrote on Facebook that MacFarlane "rightfully" called him out on completely butchering the Sinatra tune. He was "super nice" to the bar staff, though.

MacFarlane was there with gossip girl Jessica Szohr, who he's reportedly dating. He agreed to sing because it was Szohr's mother's birthday and definitely not because he's Seth MacFarlane and he was in the same general area as a stage.

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