Videos and photos posted to social media show series of enormous explosions in the northern Chinese city Tianjin. Early reports indicate the explosions, which caused a huge mushroom cloud and triggered shockwaves that could be felt miles away, occurred on a dock near a giant fuel depot.

UPDATE 1:53 pm: State newspaper People’s Daily China reports the explosion was caused by “explosive material in container at terminal in Binhai District.” Several people have been rushed to the hospital, though it’s unclear how many were injured. There are also reports that the explosion was seen from space.

UPDATE 2:08 pm: Hundreds of people were reportedly injured in the blast.

UPDATE 2:28 pm: The fire caused by the explosions, which reportedly took place just after 11:30 pm local time, are now under control, according to China Xinhua News. Two firefighters have been reported missing.

UPDATE 3:15: Chinese state media reports that at least 300 people were injured in the explosions. Most of the injuries appear to be burns or cuts from broken glass.

UPDATE 4:35 pm: At least seven people were killed, according to Chinese state media.

UPDATE 7:45 pm: According to the BBC, at least 17 people were reportedly killed and more than 400 were injured—11 of them critically—by the explosions.

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