Ukrainian "prankster" and red-carpet reporter Vitalii Sediuk has struck again, literally — he jumped over a barrier and punched Brad Pitt in the face last night at the Los Angeles premiere of Maleficent. Angelina was elsewhere, signing autographs and looking intense. Police say that Pitt wasn't seriously injured and that Sediuk was charged with battery.

The celebrity-obsessed 25-year-old has become an odd fixture on the red carpet in the last few years; he was the guy trying to crawl under America Ferrera's dress a couple of weeks ago. But he's done more! He's led quite the career of Hollywood buffoonery. Let's recap.

• He grabbed Bradley Cooper's crotch.

• He grabbed Leonardo DiCaprio's crotch.

• He tried to crash the 2013 Oscars in a Björk swan dress.

• He tried to kiss Will Smith.

• He ran up on stage when Adele won one of her Grammys to tell her, "I love you, Adele." Jennifer Lopez was presenting and she was not happy about it.

Who will be Vitalii Sediuk's next target?

[Image via AP]