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In Politico’s morning recap of yesterday’s New York primary, in which Hillary Clinton trounced Bernie Sanders, reporter Glenn Thrush recounts a conversation he had with a “senior Clinton aide” last night (bolding ours):

“We kicked his ass tonight,” a senior Clinton aide told me Tuesday night. “I hope this convinces Bernie to tone it down. If not, fuck him.”

(Note: Politico, apparently sensitive to the political class’s sense of propriety, rendered “fuck” as “f‒‒‒” in the original report.)

The outburst—a fairly rare one, at least for staffers of both candidates during this year’s Democratic primary—was apparently inspired by Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver’s appearance on MSNBC last night, during which he insisted that Sanders would win the Democratic nomination, one way or the other:

We’ve reached out to the Clinton and Sanders campaigns for comment and will update this post if we hear back. Also, if you have any idea which Clinton aide said this, definitely get in touch.

H/T Michael Calderone