Guys! We have a problem that you could maybe help with, but it's related to a problem that Jane Pratt has that you also may be able to help with, so let's focus on that first: The Sassy/Jane/xoJane boss is going to be photographed nude tomorrow and she's not exactly sure how to go about it.

She's no expert when it comes to tastefully displaying her naked flesh. Really, she's an amateur whose brushes with nude posing could be counted on her hands, so she's turning to her readership of professional models and boudoir-photography patrons for advice. Sayeth the patron saint of the overshare:

I've only been asked to be photographed or filmed nude about six times in my life (by a professional). My method for approaching these shoots so far has been to book myself really busy leading up to the moment so that I don't really have time to focus on it and then just get there and do it.

She's only been asked "about" six times (by a professional). Six (approximately)! What a shamefully low number. The strength it took to confess that is another example of the bold candor we've come to expect from Pratt and her brand. What's your number? I lost count at 500.

(Just kidding, mine is zero.)

Now, despite Pratt's eagerness to disrobe for any old Tom, Dick, or camera (she compares accepting the proposition of nude modeling to accepting a breath mint whenever offered), there is no actual public evidence of this, sadly, Pratt informs us a few times:

For sad example: no photos have ever been leaked, there's a movie out there with my naked shower scene in it that's never been released (thus denying me the opportunity to explain that I did it for art), not one shot has ever been part of any exhibit, etc etc sad etc).

Let's turn Jane's frown upside down. If you have any of these photos or footage, please forward them to with the subject line: "xoXXX". But even if you don't have Jane Pratt's lost nudes, please share tips on how you prepared for the several dozens of nude photo shoots you've been invited to participate in, you hot, horny, co-ed webcammers etc etc sexy etc, you!

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