Have you ever interned for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump (or any of the other candidates hoping to grab their party’s 2016 presidential nomination)? Are you currently interning for one of them? If your answer to either question is Yes!, you should dig out the intern manual you were given by the candidate’s staff, scan that sucker in, and email it to us. Anonymity guaranteed.

(A few years back, we got our hands on former House Speaker John Boehner’s official intern manual, which among other things misattributed an Alex Trebek quote to Boehner, revealed that the Speaker’s staff refer to him as “JAB,” and instructed interns that “you are not here to change the world.” We’re looking for more than Senate intern manuals, though. Manuals distributed by candidates when they were federal officials, House Representatives, state governors, and city mayors are worth sending in, too.)

This is not an exhaustive list, but just to be clear, we’re seeking new or old intern manuals for the following candidates (with the office or organization that would have assembled and distributed an intern manual on behalf of the candidate in parentheses):


Hillary Clinton (2016 campaign, State Department, 2008 presidential campaign, U.S. Senate, 2006 Senate campaign)

Bernie Sanders (2016 campaign, U.S. Senate, House of Representatives)

Martin O’Malley (2016 campaign, Governor of Maryland, Mayor of Baltimore)


Donald Trump (2016 campaign, Trump Organization, Trump Entertainment Resorts, The Apprentice)

Ben Carson (2016 campaign, Johns Hopkins)

Marco Rubio (2016 campaign, U.S. Senate, Florida House of Representatives)

Ted Cruz (2016 campaign, U.S. Senate, Texas Solicitor General)

Jeb Bush (2016 campaign, Governor of Florida, Florida Secretary of Commerce)

Mike Huckabee (2016 campaign, 2008 presidential campaign, Governor of Arkansas)

Carly Fiorina (2016 campaign, 2010 Senate campaign, Hewlett-Packard, Fiorina Foundation)

Rand Paul (2016 campaign, U.S. Senate, 2010 Senate campaign)

Chris Christie (2016 campaign, Governor of New Jersey, U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey)

Lindsey Graham (2016 campaign, U.S. Senate, 2014 Senate campaign, 2008 Senate campaign)

Rick Santorum (2016 campaign, 2012 campaign, U.S. Senate)

George Pataki (2016 campaign, Governor of New York)

Think you can help us out? Send what you have to trotter@gawker.com. We won’t use your name, but if you want to remain completely anonymous, please use our SecureDrop system.

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