A state appeals court affirmed a Virginia man’s parental rights on Tuesday, ruling that kitchen implants were not “medical technology” and thus the father of a child conceived via turkey baster is not a sperm donor, The Washington Post reports.

Since 2011, Robert Boardwine has fought for shared custody of the child, the product of an unusual, baster-based impregnation scheme suggested by a friend. From the Associated Press:

According to the court, Joyce Rosemary Bruce wanted to have a child she could raise on her own. Boardwine supplied the sperm in a plastic container. Bruce transferred it to a turkey baster, which she used to inseminate herself.

Bruce argued that Boardwine had no parental rights under the state’s assisted conception law. But the appeals court said Tuesday that the law applies only to pregnancies resulting from the use of medical technology, and the use of a common kitchen implement at home doesn’t qualify.

According to CNN, Bruce and Boardwine’s relationship deteriorated after an argument over what to name the little squirt.

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